Duct/Vent Cleaning


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Air Ducts

Can you remember the last time you checked or cleaned your air ducts? Village Chimney Sweep uses top of the line equipment to offer you the best air duct and vent cleaning service to the Freedom, WY area. We take pride in being able to help customers prevent allergies due to mold, pollen, mites and more that have accumulated over time in your air ducts. Our dust removal process will help prevent coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, sinus congestion and headaches due to the build up over time. Once the cleaning process is completed, your air quality will increase tremendously, leaving you breathing better, healthier air.

Dryer Vents

If you own a dryer, chances are you will need a dryer vent cleaning! Especially homes with dryers located on the second floor are even more at risk due to the longer distance the vent needs to travel, sometimes 60 feet or even more. This increases the risk for fire hazards, lint build up, and many other obstructions which can seriously affect how the dryer performs.

Signs that your dryer may not be working as well as it should:

  • Uses multiple cycles for clothes to dry
  • Dryer vent hood stays closed
  • Clothes are way hotter than normal

Not only will you have piece of mind knowing any potential fire hazard has been eliminated, but this will ultimately lower utility bills and help the life of the dryer last longer. A dryer vent cleaning practically pays for itself. Call now 307-880-4351